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March 23, 2018

Chameleon™ Sensor Engine

RFMicron’s Chameleon™ engine enables the Magnus® IC family of chips to have the unique ability to re-tune the impedance of the chip as conditions change around the tag.  The circuit dynamically adjusts the chip’s input impedance to correct for impedance mismatches and optimally tunes the tag every time it is accessed. As a result, tags using […]

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March 18, 2018

RFM5000 Xerxes Wireless Passive Sensor IC

The RFM5000 Xerxes™ IC extends the Magnus® line of Smart Passive Sensing™ ICs (Integrated Circuits), enabling wireless passive sensors that are maintenance-free and battery-free. The original Magnus line of sensors monitored temperature, moisture, humidity, weight, and proximity. The new RFM5000 Xerxes line adds secure communication as well as external sensor support for gas detection, thermocouples, […]

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