RFM2100 Wireless Flexible Moisture Sensor


  • Moisture monitoring
  • Rain monitoring
  • Moisture content
  • Building materials
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Food and grain monitoring



  • Standard temperature range
    -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Powered by Magnus® S2
  • Flexible sensor design
  • Battery-free design
  • Sensor size 101.7 x 31.9 mm
  • Adhesive backing


Battery-free equipment monitoring

The RFM2100 is a wireless battery-free moisture sensor. This flexible sensor is designed to monitor environmental and material moisture content over a wide range of settings. Typical applications include bulk materials, grain and food products, as well as building and roofing materials.

Wireless moisture sensor

The RFM2100 has a standard operating temperature range of -40°C to +85 °C. This covers the typical operating temperatures of most equipment and environmental operating conditions.

Flexible easy to install design

The RFM2100 is built using flexible materials with a built-in adhesive strip. The RFM2100 incorporates an integrated RF antenna to harvest energy for the moisture sensing function, as well as to communicate with a RAIN/UHF compliant reader. The integrated antenna is configured to be sensitive to moisture and rain but is not suitable for direct use on metal.


The RFM2100 is available in FCC and EU/ETSI frequency ranges. The RFM2100 requires a RAIN/UHF compliant reader. These sensors can be purchased separately or as part of a kit.