Chameleon™ Sensor Engine

RFMicron’s Chameleon™ engine enables the Magnus® IC family of chips to have the unique ability to re-tune the impedance of the chip as conditions change around the tag.  The circuit dynamically adjusts the chip’s input impedance to correct for impedance mismatches and optimally tunes the tag every time it is accessed. As a result, tags using Magnus ICs will perform consistently, remain functional and read in environments where other tags fail.

This same “auto-tuning” feature also allows the chip to be utilized as a low-cost sensor.  The initial impedance seen by the antenna is reported to the reader as a 5-bit SENSOR CODE. Changes in the SENSOR CODE reflect an environmental change in impedance sensed by the antenna.

RFMicron’s Chameleon™ technology is a fully CMOS signal processing engine embedded into the Magnus IC (an ISO 18000-6C compliant chip) for use in UHF/RAIN-compliant tags and wireless passive sensors.