Business Insights Begin With Data

RFMicron produces end-to-end sensing solutions bring industrial IoT to organizations in need of real-time business insights. We serve Fortune 1000 organizations that manufacture or manage physical products and people. RFMicron helps these organizations reduce the intensity of their energy use and their raw material inputs, and improve operational efficiencies that reduce OpEx. But more importantly, we’re creating new markets where we can have a profoundly positive effect on people’s lives. It’s not often that you get a chance to make a real difference in the world.

We believe the insights we’re surfacing will change the way our customers do business. It’s truly surprising how much we can learn about a situation by measuring a simple physical parameter. Regardless of the industry, our approach is to measure something, learn something from the data, and then to assist our customers in taking action based on the high-value business insights that we generate. Our underlying technology revolves around the paradigm of “measure something, learn something, do something good.”

We employ a new type of wireless sensor that greatly reduces the cost of ownership, meaning that our deployments generate attractive ROIs for our customers. Most organizations are trapped working with costly sensors that barely expose what’s happening in the real world. Because our sensors are more economical, customers will deploy more sensors, in more varied places, to collect more data than has been practical in the past. More data granularity translates into more meaningful business insights.

If you look deeper at our technology, you’ll see that RFMicron takes a different approach to data management and cloud processing. If you only have a few sensors to monitor, data can be pushed to the cloud for processing. But we believe things are about to change. Our Smart Passive Sensing™ solutions are deployed in significantly larger quantities, and they’ll generate an immense mountain of data. We believe the direct-to-cloud model is about to break under this load. Our solution is to drive critical data processing down to the SMART Edge™ layer, especially when protecting people, perishables, and equipment where urgency matters. We employ the cloud for deeper look-back analytics, where there’s less urgency and where people are not at risk.

Much of our technology involves managing the incredible volume of data our sensors generate, which puts RFMicron at the forefront of an explosion in real-world sensor data. In our view, RFMicron has a leading position in understanding the technology and the approaches needed to deal with this data. We’re very excited about what these developments mean for large organizations and their never-ending appetite for meaningful data-driven insights.

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